Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello PPL!!! I thought i would be Participating in the First Friday Challenge over at "Cricut Me That" . It is the FIRST challenge through "Cricut Me That" #1 Summer Fruits...But unfortunately I didn't make it on time...It's Ok i still get to share them with you all...Hope You like...Um...So far i have received a couple of comments which is awesome!!! I'm sooo excited... Thank You ladies for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! It's much appreciated...Like i have mentioned...I am a NEWBEE!!!! i'm hoping to learn a lot more from you all. So far i have seen such beautiful creations!!! Props to ALL of you Bold and Daring Crafters....

Will keep you posted with my new and Sweet Scrappin'

Honey B.



The Classic "MY PINK STAMPER" Bow...lol...

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  1. Hey where did you get the strawberry? I love this card but I don't have a good strawberry:(