Friday, July 30, 2010

Good MORNING Everyone...TGIF!!!

TGIF PPL!!!...For all of those HARD WORKING Crafters...Yes...Been a SAHM is WORK too!!! It's the Hardest... So my props to you all...I would like to Thank you for stopping by and for adding on to my blog...It really means lots to me. Sweet Scrapping with Honey B has been up about a month or so now and I have been so happy to share with you all my creations...Thanks for the SWEET comments and the ADD ons. They really make my day. Sorry, I have been away most of the week...but i have created i mentioned in my last Blog I received my Peachy Keen Stamps and have been having fun with them...they are too cute... Stamp, Stamp, Stamp...and Away!!! LOL

Here are a few:

"Seal Da Deal" LOL...i thought that lil Pun was cute... Yup the Pun...all Me! LOL

Seal da Deal

  1. Create a Critter Cart
  2. Peachy Keen Stamps
  3. Reg. Card stock
  4. white and black pens for the stitching (playing with it. It is faster than the sewing machine, But i still love my Singer Pixie)
  5. Water backround from Colorbok Pattern Pack 50 sheets...$5 at Wally-World "Wal-Mart" Ode to my Sis-in-law. Her rational is awesome, she states "Where else can you shop for Groceries, clothes, buy a Pet, and have your car serviced all at the same time?" LOL....Hmmmm!

The Next one is "Lil Lady"

Lady Bug (2)

I really wasn't crazy about the card and the set up...But I did post it up...I figure I'm still learning on how to use my Cricut determining the sizes and the color coordinations...

Ingredients are:
  1. Create a Critter Cart
  2. Peachy Keen Stamps YEAY!!!! Love them
  3. My Pink Stamper Stamps Double YEAY!!! Love them too...
  4. Colorbok Pattern Pack it...Love the strawberry backround.
  5. Ribbon
  6. white pen
  7. Artistic Blending chalks by "INKADINKADO" Bold Brights. in Red for cheeks...

Next One: BEE HAPPY!!

Bee Happy

I love this card...A lil inspirational..."Don't worry, bee happy! Things will get better...I didn't use my PKS on this one...My husband bought me some GOOGLY cute Girly eyes..they have Eye shadow marks with lashes on them. TOO CUTE...My Hubby is awesome...


  1. Create A Critter Cart
  2. Again Colorbok the colors and patterns... too cute
  3. Googly Eyes
  4. INKADINKADO blending chalks for cheeks...softer than the Lil Lady up above.LOL
  5. reg. card stock for my lil bee..scraps from other
  6. of course my pink stamper "Punnylicious" Stamps... "Don't Worry, Bee Happy"

My Sweet Scrappy Friends hope you enjoy...Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated...

****Let's Keep Scrappin', Let's Keep Sharin'****



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Everyone...

First of all I would Like to CONGRATULATE EMMA at "My Creative Time" for her new adventure in the DVD world. I have ordered my copy of her First DVD Tutorial "Gypsy Magic!" She is so creative, and has inspired us all through her creative talent. In such a short time I have learned lots from her. You Go GIRL!!! Secondly, I have received my order of MY FIRST "Peachy KEEN Stamps" Friday. Wow....PKS does not mess around...Shipping was so fast...I ordered on Wednesday and Received them Friday...3 Days Ppl!!!! Sooo...Look out for my sweet scrappy creations using the PKS...They are tooo CUTE! I totally am in love with the stamps...I want to stamp everything...Stamping is new to me...i didn't realize how a stamp could enhance a card or even Scrapbook Layouts...I have so much to learn...I want to learn it all in a few days...But I know that's my crafting journey as i have searched for Scrapbooking stores...I have recently came accross a Scrapbooking store in the city of Torrance, Ca..."SCRAMPERS" ( it is about 4, 000 sq. ft...of Scrabooking madness...they also offer classes in different areas of the craft, as well as Crop Nights. I will be taking a Cricut 101 class coming up soon....sooo I'm excited!!! Yes I am....Like i have mentioned...I have so much to learn and so far every project/creation that i have seen out there in the craft Blog world have really impressed me...Let's keep on Scrapping, Let's keep on Sharing...

***I will once again participate in Emma's throw back Thursday....I don't have the Celebration cart...Since the Theme is Birthday Theme Project...this is what i came up with....


The ingredients are :
  1. Create a Critter cart
  2. Cutting Up cart
  3. Cuttlebug embosser; Swiss Dots
  4. Colobok Pearlescent Paper
  5. Glitter Glue
  6. Regular cardstock
  7. And lastly but not the leastly Googly Eyes, for personality! Tee Hee!

Thank you all for stopping by! Let me know what you think!

Sweet Scrappy Hugs,

Honey B

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catching UP!!!

Hello! I'm catching up with you all...You all have such great creations...I'm going to participate in the PKS challenge...I'm so excited... OMG!!! Their new Die cuts and matching stamps are the AWESOME....I finally ordered two sets of the PKS to accommodate my Carts...I'm s anxiouslly awaiting them...I had ordered MPS Buggy Punnies a few weeks back, I also totally love them..I ordered them through Costum Crops, which took about 2weeks to arrive. I actually had to call their customer service and find out what was going on. I called them on July 16, 2010 and received them on Monday July 19, 2010. I was bombed out about the lenght of time it took to get to Cali. from Illinois, but in the end i was a Happy Camper, Costume Crops also sent me a free sample of a Sizzix Simple Impressins Embossing Folder...Reall Cute...Any who....Still love MPS stamps...

Here is my Lil Creation:

***I tried to follow the PKS Sketch they provide you on their site...I used the ROBOTZ cart, Stretch Your Imagination Cart for ballons, Cuttlebug Embossin folder....But the cutest thing that i was soooo excited about was when i found the botz paper at sheer coincidence. The paper is from "DCWV" ALL ABOUT BOYS STACK....TOO CUTE... I also have adopted, the White Pen Stitching from Emma and Robyn...It gives the card more depth in a way...Cool!!!

Hope you enjoy....Keep you posted...

Sweet Scrappy Hugs,

Honey B

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Evening Everyone...

I can't believe i have been away for over a week....WOW!!!! I had fallen under the weather...working my self sick unfortunately...I am currently on vacation and the Joke at Home is "Finally got vacation to have time to get sick" LoL...nothing major...common cold...and to top that My Computer went on the Fritz....I'm a crafter, not a computer engineer! I have missed a few challenges since which I was a lil upset over...I feel that i have missed so much....I would like to thank you all for stopping by and leaving such great comments...I also truly enjoy all of your work as well...I have learned a few things since i joined the blog world...It's Incredible...I have tried keeping myself busy since....I was hoping i was going to be able to enter Emma's at my Creative Time Throw back Thursday Last week so i made a Card...But my computer didn't get fixed in time , but i will share it anyway... At home one of OUR fav. Holiday is "Halloween"...We go all out...even with Prosthetics....Last year i was a cat with a Prosthetic cat nose and was too cute....

Well Here It Is:


For this card I used the Mini Monster's Cart...YES!!! I finally got husband is too sweet to me....He really saturates my obsessions...LOL....LOVE it...

"Just HAngin' Around"

"Birthday Wishes"


"Thinking Bout You"

"Happy To See YA"

"Fairy Lil Princess"

"Don't Let A lil Rain Bring ya Down"




"Thank YOU"






***All of these were done with the following carts:

  1. Mini Monsters
  2. Create A Critter
  3. Once Upon A Princess
  4. Robotz
  5. Sports Mania

I have discovered Corner Punches...Border Punches...Thanks for sharing all of your projects and creations with me...I have TRULy learned a lot since i signed up...Thanks, Thanks, Thanks A Bunch!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Monday Everyone....

I am SOOOOOOO Excited...I can't describe the feeling...Thank You all for stopping by and checking out my BLOG...and for all the Awesome and Ecouraging Comments...I never imagined how much and how fast i would fall in LOVE again with this craft....I'm in total romance with it...LOL...In a GOOD way I assure you...There are sooo many beautiful things that we as human beings can create and share with others....That's what it's all about...All of you are inspiring within your own creations....My Pink Stamper proposed a great "Cards for Monique"Campaign...This is a beautiful thing...I remind myself of this saying all the time...."YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN A MOMENT AND A FEW SINCERE WORDS CAN HAVE AN IMPACT ON A LIFE" --Zig Ziglar....

So please hop on over to MPS Blog and check it out...THE CAUSE IS A GREAT ONE!!!!




Saturday, July 10, 2010

First of All I would like to thank you for adding on to my Blog...Yeay!!! This really means a lot to me...Everyone has great projects and creations...I'm So HAPPY! MY EGO is back down to my 5'4 height since this morning...I'm back to

I will be Participating in the The Peachy Keen Challenge of
"Create a card drawing inspiration from your favorite vacation destination!"

***You Can find the link to the challenge through Emma @ "MY CREATIVE TIME " the Blinki is on the right side of your computer screen....I Believe the Challenge Ends on the July 18th...To be Sure please see "MY CREATIVE TIME" Blog...Good Luck!!!

I didn't have any Brads or buttons that would fit My FAV. Vacation Destination Card... But I did have some Fine Glittery Powder from Martha Blue and Green. My Fav. Vacation Destination is and will always be "Mi Querido PUERTO RICO" I'm Down by I absolutely love it there. I have been twice.... Once when I was Single and once after I got married. The Island is truly of Enchantment...I know I'm has been my favorite destination because my husband's family resides there...My mother and father-in-law are two of the sweetest people and made me feel very welcomed in their home...Yup!!! They Like me...they really really like me...LOL...I love the Beach and that is one of my favorite past times on the Island...So i thought I would try to recreate a lil piece of Puerto Rico for YA!!!! Enjoy!!!

Puerto Rico 2
Puerto Rico 3




Honey B

Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Morning...First of All I'm going to BRAG and Share with Ya....I'm honored, MY CREATIVE TIME, Emma V. Aguilar left me such a nice comment...My ego is like...10ft tall right now..LOL!!! Thank You so much for the add ons and the comments...I appreciate it...I had been out of practice for years, not really gotten into to it...I got busy with school, family, and starting a family of my own, and lastly work...I love my seniors...but all of that had taken a lot out of me...So i didn't make time for But now with my Cricut and my supportive FAMILY, FRIENDS and NEW FRIENDS... I jumped back on the ride....Hope you all have a great and safe Weekend...Scrappin' SOOTHES MY SOUL ode to My Friend MISTY!!! SMS chica SMS !!!

Sweet Scrappin'

Honey B.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Evening Everyone....
I will be participating in Emma's "MY CREATIVE TIME" throw back Thursday...I don't have the Zoobaloo cart but i do have the "Stretch your Imagination" cart...This is what i came up with....



The Recipe is:

  1. Orange , lime green, grass green, and off yellow cardstocks.
  2. I used the strecth your imagination Cartridge...for the Lil' Cricket, as well as the card frame. (Cricket was cut out at 3 1/2" Black out and layer, and the card frame at 5 1/2, front layer 4 1/2)
  3. Orange square ribbon to add a nice bow to give it a cute touch...
  4. Cuttlebug embossing Folders: Swiss Dots, Spots on Dots.
  5. My "Pixie" craft sewing Machine to add a tight zig zag stitch .
Hope you all enjoy...Simple card...I actually wrote in the "Nothing to It...When you Hop on to It!" with a Sharpie...I'm awaiting my "My Pink Stamper" Punnylicious stamps...LOL.. Found it to be appropriate for the lil cricket.

***Thanks Emma for the Opportuinity to WIN PKS!!!! To Cool,
Honey B

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!! Yeay!!!!
I have been Playing with my Hello Kitty cart...I TOTAlly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! It's Freaking Cute! I followed the basic Card and layering instructions...It's the Classic Hello Kitty...that's sooo my childhood...I will be able to use this a lot for my daughter's scrapbook pages which i have already started organizing pics for...I'm sooo excited...My Pink Stamper is also giving away a a Cake Cart which you can use with all cricuts....The challenge for it is only to comment her as to why you deserve to have it... Last Day will be Friday...So hurry and drop a few words....

Here is what I've done with the Hello Kitty Greetings Cart and some Martha Stewart fine powder BLING!!! I have had it for about two years now and only used it around Holidays...

***For My Sweet Step-Daughter*** Her Bday is coming up!
I added a Zig Zag Yellow Stitching at the front...My Husband surprised me on Friday with a Singer "PIXIE" Craft sewing machine which has 8 diff. Stitching modes...I lOVE It!!! It's Small, cute and Purple...sooo GIRLY!!! I'm truly Blessed!


The Hello Kitty measurements are: 5", 41/2", 4". SUPER CUTE!

As I Play more and more with my Cricut (hubby got it for me in May for my Bday) I'm soo falling in love with the scrappin' again...It really helps me release a lot of stress from work!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello PPL!!! I thought i would be Participating in the First Friday Challenge over at "Cricut Me That" . It is the FIRST challenge through "Cricut Me That" #1 Summer Fruits...But unfortunately I didn't make it on time...It's Ok i still get to share them with you all...Hope You like...Um...So far i have received a couple of comments which is awesome!!! I'm sooo excited... Thank You ladies for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! It's much appreciated...Like i have mentioned...I am a NEWBEE!!!! i'm hoping to learn a lot more from you all. So far i have seen such beautiful creations!!! Props to ALL of you Bold and Daring Crafters....

Will keep you posted with my new and Sweet Scrappin'

Honey B.




Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello All,

Hope you had a GREAT Happy 4th of July!!! I'm participating in "My Creative Time" Thursday Throw back Challenge with Emma V. Aguilar and this is what I came up with....


This one is before i added the stars....I think the stars make a slight difference to the page...What cha think?


Since I'm a NEWBEE, Unfortunately i don't have all the carts. Yet!!! So I didn't use the "NEW ARRIVAL" Cricut Cartridge but I do have some...Thanks Emma for allowing those who don't actually have the "New Arrival" cartridge use what they have...

Here are the Tools and Supplies I used for it:

  1. 12x12 Stars and Sky Page
  2. Stretch Your Imagination Cart for:Baby Buggy and Scalloped Frame.
  3. George and Basic Shapes for: The Square and the Moon
  4. Glitter Alpha Punch Outs from "Colorbok"
  5. Cuttlebug Embossing
  6. Yellow Card stock
  7. Lilac Card stock
  8. Yellow polka dot scrap page (for the Bby Buggy)
  9. Blue and Purple plaid page (for the Bby Buggy)
  10. Martha Stewart Ribbon ( I found it at Big Lots for $1.00 ppl.)
  11. Dots/dimentionals.
  12. 2 Way Zig Glue pen.
Hope You Like it...Please comment on it and tell me what cha think! Suggestions and positive criticism are always welcomed....I need it if i plan to grow and learn through all of you!!!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010


This is my 4th of July card...My husband surprised me yesterday with the "Independence Day" Lite Cricut Cartride!!! $10.00 dollars ppl!!! At Wal-Mart! Yup Yup Yup!!!!!! Wished I could of done more, but it is a Holiday weekend after all....Safe Travels to all....& Happy Scrappin'

4ht of July

Friday, July 2, 2010


Here are some of my simple creations. I'm sooo open to suggestions....




Jaz BDAy



New BBy2



Hello Everyone....
I just got my first comment...woooohoooooo!!!! LOL..J/K....Ok but I am excited!...Thank You Dorcas for stopping by my Blog and leaving a super nice comment!....Stopping by to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July!!! Be safe out there...

Honey B

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My First BLOG!!! YEAY!

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be able to share my creations with you all. Creating, learning, and sharing. My favorite is "My Pink Stamper." She is so creative....See ya all soon. I will be updating my blog. I have to figure out how to move around in it. I am a Newbee to all this....Happy Scrapping!!!

Honey B


bday card

I thought i was going to be able to enter this card into "My Pink Stamper" Color Challenge, but boo hoo i can't...i don't have "my pink stamper" stamps yet.....But I will be ordering them soon...In the mean time i will post them up! The design was inspired by "Simply Sweet" & "George and Basic Shapes" Cricut Cartridges....Tell me what you think! Remember:
"Happy Scrapping"