Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Evening Everyone...

I can't believe i have been away for over a week....WOW!!!! I had fallen under the weather...working my self sick unfortunately...I am currently on vacation and the Joke at Home is "Finally got vacation to have time to get sick" LoL...nothing major...common cold...and to top that My Computer went on the Fritz....I'm a crafter, not a computer engineer! I have missed a few challenges since which I was a lil upset over...I feel that i have missed so much....I would like to thank you all for stopping by and leaving such great comments...I also truly enjoy all of your work as well...I have learned a few things since i joined the blog world...It's Incredible...I have tried keeping myself busy since....I was hoping i was going to be able to enter Emma's at my Creative Time Throw back Thursday Last week so i made a Card...But my computer didn't get fixed in time , but i will share it anyway... At home one of OUR fav. Holiday is "Halloween"...We go all out...even with Prosthetics....Last year i was a cat with a Prosthetic cat nose and wiskers..it was too cute....

Well Here It Is:


For this card I used the Mini Monster's Cart...YES!!! I finally got it...my husband is too sweet to me....He really saturates my obsessions...LOL....LOVE it...

"Just HAngin' Around"

"Birthday Wishes"


"Thinking Bout You"

"Happy To See YA"

"Fairy Lil Princess"

"Don't Let A lil Rain Bring ya Down"




"Thank YOU"






***All of these were done with the following carts:

  1. Mini Monsters
  2. Create A Critter
  3. Once Upon A Princess
  4. Robotz
  5. Sports Mania

I have discovered Corner Punches...Border Punches...Thanks for sharing all of your projects and creations with me...I have TRULy learned a lot since i signed up...Thanks, Thanks, Thanks A Bunch!!!

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