Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Monday Everyone....

I am SOOOOOOO Excited...I can't describe the feeling...Thank You all for stopping by and checking out my BLOG...and for all the Awesome and Ecouraging Comments...I never imagined how much and how fast i would fall in LOVE again with this craft....I'm in total romance with it...LOL...In a GOOD way I assure you...There are sooo many beautiful things that we as human beings can create and share with others....That's what it's all about...All of you are inspiring within your own creations....My Pink Stamper proposed a great "Cards for Monique"Campaign...This is a beautiful thing...I remind myself of this saying all the time...."YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN A MOMENT AND A FEW SINCERE WORDS CAN HAVE AN IMPACT ON A LIFE" --Zig Ziglar....

So please hop on over to MPS Blog and check it out...THE CAUSE IS A GREAT ONE!!!!




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  1. Nena I think you are great and funny... I just read your comment on my scraproom and Im still LOL... your husband sound so boricua when you wrote "ya mismo"..
    will keep in touch.. I'm also a follower of Emma, Robyn, Cristina so will be seen each others creation.. I will follow you and invite you to follow me..