Friday, July 30, 2010

Good MORNING Everyone...TGIF!!!

TGIF PPL!!!...For all of those HARD WORKING Crafters...Yes...Been a SAHM is WORK too!!! It's the Hardest... So my props to you all...I would like to Thank you for stopping by and for adding on to my blog...It really means lots to me. Sweet Scrapping with Honey B has been up about a month or so now and I have been so happy to share with you all my creations...Thanks for the SWEET comments and the ADD ons. They really make my day. Sorry, I have been away most of the week...but i have created i mentioned in my last Blog I received my Peachy Keen Stamps and have been having fun with them...they are too cute... Stamp, Stamp, Stamp...and Away!!! LOL

Here are a few:

"Seal Da Deal" LOL...i thought that lil Pun was cute... Yup the Pun...all Me! LOL

Seal da Deal

  1. Create a Critter Cart
  2. Peachy Keen Stamps
  3. Reg. Card stock
  4. white and black pens for the stitching (playing with it. It is faster than the sewing machine, But i still love my Singer Pixie)
  5. Water backround from Colorbok Pattern Pack 50 sheets...$5 at Wally-World "Wal-Mart" Ode to my Sis-in-law. Her rational is awesome, she states "Where else can you shop for Groceries, clothes, buy a Pet, and have your car serviced all at the same time?" LOL....Hmmmm!

The Next one is "Lil Lady"

Lady Bug (2)

I really wasn't crazy about the card and the set up...But I did post it up...I figure I'm still learning on how to use my Cricut determining the sizes and the color coordinations...

Ingredients are:
  1. Create a Critter Cart
  2. Peachy Keen Stamps YEAY!!!! Love them
  3. My Pink Stamper Stamps Double YEAY!!! Love them too...
  4. Colorbok Pattern Pack it...Love the strawberry backround.
  5. Ribbon
  6. white pen
  7. Artistic Blending chalks by "INKADINKADO" Bold Brights. in Red for cheeks...

Next One: BEE HAPPY!!

Bee Happy

I love this card...A lil inspirational..."Don't worry, bee happy! Things will get better...I didn't use my PKS on this one...My husband bought me some GOOGLY cute Girly eyes..they have Eye shadow marks with lashes on them. TOO CUTE...My Hubby is awesome...


  1. Create A Critter Cart
  2. Again Colorbok the colors and patterns... too cute
  3. Googly Eyes
  4. INKADINKADO blending chalks for cheeks...softer than the Lil Lady up above.LOL
  5. reg. card stock for my lil bee..scraps from other
  6. of course my pink stamper "Punnylicious" Stamps... "Don't Worry, Bee Happy"

My Sweet Scrappy Friends hope you enjoy...Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated...

****Let's Keep Scrappin', Let's Keep Sharin'****




  1. Adorable cards they are soooo cute!!!

  2. Girl,

    Te Botaste :P I love these. You did a fabulous job!!!I just love their faces. Super cute mi reina!!!



  3. all super cute... love the eyes on the critters and the stamps from PK.. already have 12 sets... have to make more cards like you...

    Great cards...