Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello Everyone...Hope you all have had a great week so far...a bit hectic on my side...My son had the flu...highest temp. been 102.3...Yup!!! It's starting to go around...Disinfecting every area at home...Luckily the rest of us (3) did not get it and am hoping we do not!!! YIKES...that would be SCARY FOR ME!!! Halloween is a total PARTY comparing to the FLU...don't you agree? Any who...rambling did you say?...just a bit...LOL...OK..the real reason this post is going up is because I came accross a STUPENDOUS SUPER DUPER CUTE INTERACTIVE CARD....I LOVE INTERACTIVE CARDS and so do my MONKEYS!!! The card is called "The Never Ending Card", which has become my favorite card thus far...Even my mom couldn't believe i had made it. LOL... I have had few ppl ask about it and how it's made so I decided to make this card Tutorial #1. Hope you are able to follow, and I don't loose you!!! If I do, don't hesitate to contact me. Now i did SCRAPlift this card from Etha Schuette at you can always YOU tube it under search box for "The Never Ending Card" and you will come accross a few tutorials for it. Hopes it it is....

Hope You Enjoy...remember Keep Scrappin', Keep Sharin'

Honey B

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  1. I wanna make this card. I am gonna have to give it a try sometime. Thank you dear for taking time to show us how to do this.