Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello Everyone, hope you all are having a SWEET SUNDAY! I'm so excited to ANNOUNCE the FIVE SWEET BLOGGERS I choose. These Ladies are super Sweet and Talented Women i have come accross this lil Blogg. So please don't hesitate to stop by their blog and leave them some SWEET BLOGGING LOVE!!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......

  1. Ivette over at Latin Scrap DIVAs at:
  2. Dorcas over at 4 Crafty Angels at:
  3. Elsa over at CricutLvr! at:
  4. Lolis over at My Creative Corner at:
  5. Kara over at Kara's Sweet Creations at:

These Ladies are super sweet and talented. Ivette and Dorcas have been with me since the beginning of my blog back in JULY 2010...Not only are they SUPER SWEET but they are also SUPER TALENTED...I officially named Ivette "MY FAIRY CRAFT SISTER" (FCS)...she has been super and patient with me. Dorcas is just as SUPER SWEET as Ivette, and very talented (SWEET LATIN PEAS) lol...Elsa stopped by my blog a few weeks ago really wowed me with her sweet comments and talent...Lolis also has stopped by my blog and left really sweet comments as well and truly impressed me with her talent...LOVE THE HALLOWEEN CENTER PIECES LOLIS...Kara also super Sweet, as you can see Kara's Sweet Creations and they truly are creatively sweet.


Now all FIVE of you Ladies need to copy the Sweet Blooger award button to your page and find 5 other super SWEET BLOGGERS TO AWARD IT TO!!!

THanks again to ANA MARIA at : for awarding me this AWARD! Visit her Spot too, i promise she will WOW ya with her creations Ms. Multi Crfater Dabbler...LOL...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting ME....Sweet Sunday to All...To SWEET LATIN PEAS...



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