Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School

Hello Everyone!
We all LOVE our children, and though at times the summers seem Longer than others, there is no better feeling than sending your Kiddos off to school. LOL Today was the first day of 7th and 5th Grade for my kiddos, and since we relocated to a whole new city and State, ( San Antonio, Texas)  well I have been pretty busy unpacking over 150 boxes, setting up our new home, getting kids set up in school and transferring billing information to our new address! My crafting corner was the last to be set up, so I was only able to make a couple if bookmarks for my Princess! The bookmarks are a surprise and my Princess does not know that I secretly placed them in her pencil pouch along with a personal card I made her.  Though I am Happy that school started I will admit that the house feels empty with out them. 

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