Saturday, May 12, 2012

So excited to share

I must say I have been truly busy with my sisters FIRST BABY SHOWER.Of course being the crafter at home I have been the lucky chosen one to help her with the invitations and the dessert table. From here on out until Baby Shower Day, June 16th, 2012, I will be sharing all the crafting ideas I have come up with.
Getting started was a bit rocky. I didn't know where to start. I encouraged a sit down between both our Mom and my sisters Mother-in-law to get an idea of where they wanted to go with the Baby Shower. Since this was not going to be a surprise Baby Shower I decided to include my little Sister in the mix. I think that was the best idea so far. My Little Sister of course had ideas of her own. As we sat down we went though the check off list. Most IMPORTANTLOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Then... Amount of Guest, Theme,Theme colors, Invitations,Food, Cake,CupCakes,Both,Beverages,Favors, Dessert table, Lastly... (gaspping) GAMES & PRIZES.
We wanted something beautiful and sweet but also at a reasonable price.

Long Story Short ... I found it more reasonable to have the invitations done by someone else in a sense... I found .She has really cute and reasonable invitations. You have the option of a the actual invitations purchase through or going "Digital". I found one of the Baby Shower Invitation By googling the pink and leopard theme ( which is what my Lil Sister wanted) Lynnette was awesome. As she advertised we purchased the digital copy online and sent Lynette the information within 24 hours or so we received the first proof via e-mail as a .jpg file. It was perfect. Soon after I browsed a bit more on her web site and her Etsy shop and realized that Lynette also had designed cupcake wrappers and or favor circles which matched the invitation we chose. I also purchased the digital copy of them. The awesome thing about it is that we can print out at our discretion the amount of invitations we need & not go by a set number you purchase. So with Lynette's (at digital help & my craftiness I made the invitations this afternoon.Thank You soo much Lynette may you continue to be inspired to help others like me become inspired.

Party city surprised me a lot. There we found the Hot Pink envelopes 5x7 at $.45 each not bad.....

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